Does This Look Like The Face Of 2 Daytona Spring Breakers Charged With Grand Theft For Stealing A Lifeguard's Jet Ski While He Was On Duty And Taking It For A Joy Ride?

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Palm Beach PostA pair of spring breakers in Daytona Beach were arrested Friday after officials said they hijacked a lifeguard’s Jet Ski and took it for a joyride.

James Duffey, 22, and Andrew Gentry, 21, found the watercraft parked on the beach due to mechanical issues at around 5:30 p.m. Friday in Daytona Beach, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

Volusia County beach officials said Duffey and Gentry, both from Virginia, jumped on the watercraft and rode it south before ditching it and attempting to run away before. They were both caught and charged with grand theft of a vessel.

Listen I’m all for personal property but there’s a certain point where you just have to kind of recognize your situation and where you’re at in life and adjust accordingly? Like you’re a lifeguard on Daytona Beach in the middle of Spring Break. You parked your jet ski right there on the beach. What reasonable human being could possibly be surprised when it got borrowed and taken out for a joy ride? I mean if that thing wasn’t stolen within the first hour I’d feel kind of bad about myself, like maybe Daytona isn’t what it used to be, maybe Spring Break is dying, maybe my life as I know it is over and I’m slowly fading into oblivion bound to be a lifeguard guarding no lives on an empty beach in the middle of March…

Anyway what I’m saying is there’s a bright side at least to having your jet ski stolen and ditched in the ocean. If you can’t see that silver lining then take the bus next time buddy. This…is….Daytona (300 Leonidas voice).

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A State University of New York at Albany student, who was on spring break in Daytona Beach, was arrested Monday after beach officials said he climbed on a lifeguard’s ATV and made a pass at her.

Anthony Johnson, 21, was on the beach in Daytona Beach on Monday afternoon when he stopped lifeguard Dannielle Lacey, 22, who was driving an all-terrain vehicle. Johnson asked Lacey for a ride and she declined, but he was persistent and began to climb onto the vehicle.

He asked again and she said no as he inched closer, asking if “she was sure.” Lacey pushed Johnson’s leg off her and she pulled away when he leaned in “as if he were going to kiss (her),” beach officials said.

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Meanwhile…officially taken the crown from PCB…

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