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The Weather Channel Had Josh Donaldson On To Explain 'Bringer Of Rain' Nickname, And Whoops! It Has Nothing To Do With Weather

Hey Josh! Heard ya had a nickname that’s right up our alley! Bringer of Rain, huh? What’s that all about? I mean, you are the RAINING MVP, amirite? Ha! Sorry, just a little weatherman joke. Anyway, what’s the deal with that nickname, my man? You making it rain on them hoes, probably? Maybe crushing home runs so high in the sky that it makes it rain?

Yeah, it’s actually about this gladiator who’s been stabbed over a thousand times.

WOAH! Woaaaaah. Okay. So, spring training stats. You have them. Are they good?

But really, was that response THAT bad that you couldn’t at least let him finish? I get that you were going for the weather angle, but do we really need the squawking lady in the background completely cutting him off and making him feel like an asshole for answering the question truthfully? How many people would’ve gone on the Weather Channel, and after being asked that question, been like, “Fuck, they think that nickname actually has to do with rain. This is gonna be embarrassing, so I’ll just give them the answer they wanna hear.” Nope. Gladiators. Stabbed a thousand times. Good morning, America.