There's No Way In Hell Bill Murray's Son Has Never Seen Caddyshack



So I’ve seen this going around the internet. Bill Murray’s son Luke, who’s an assistant coach on the Xavier basketball team, claiming that he’s never seen Caddyshack. Telling his pops that he’s never seen the classic movie and his Dad being disappointed. I’m just gonna come right out and say that’s a lie. That’s all a set up and a headline-grabber for blogs just like this one. It has to be. No way no how do you grow up the son of Bill Murray and not watch Caddyshack. It’s literally impossible. That’d be like Jay Z’s kid never listening to Reasonable Doubt. Or Leonardo da Vinci’s kid never looking at the Mona Lisa. Or Kim K’s kid never peeking at the Ray J tape. It’s what they’re famous for. Every person in the world has seen Caddyshack. Every single person. If you believe that Bill Murray’s son (HIS SON) has never seen Caddyshack then I don’t know what to tell you. He probably saw it for the single reason of people yelling quotes at him that he didn’t understand. This story is not true and I will not fall into the trap that the other media outlets have thinking it is true. Luke Murray has seen Caddyshack. End of story.