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Professional Player Hurt in Brussels Was on His Way to Help Max Hooper

The two had corresponded just a few days ago; Bellin, who helped Oakland win a conference championship in 2000, had a long and successful pro career overseas. He was reaching out to try and help Oakland senior Max Hooper — who lost his father to cancer less than three weeks ago — land a chance with a European pro team.

As if those terrorists didn’t deserve to rot in hell – which isn’t even enough for those assholes – the story of Sebastian Bellin is now surfacing. Bellin played at Marist and Oakland where he averaged eight points and five rebounds playing in Michigan.

That’s irrelevant when it comes to what he was doing recently. Bellin was on his way to America to see his wife, two grade school children and meet with Max Hooper to discuss playing pro over in Europe. The same Max Hooper who lost his father three weeks ago to cancer.

Oakland’s coach Greg Kampe tweeted out that Bellin was injured and going in for a second surgery yesterday. Here’s to Bellin getting healthy and hopefully no major injuries for a guy who was trying to just see his family and help someone out.

Fuck ISIS. Fuck terrorists.