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Probably Not The Best Move To Light Your Crotch On Fire To Win A Dance Competition

Or is it? You got all these kids whipping out their Dougies and Twerkings. You’d think the well versed judges in this competition has to have seen it all. Why not come out and douse lighter fluid all over your vagina and become the first non-ginger fire crotch? When you even think about taking fire to your private parts, it’s not like you got a lot of dignity left to lose, anyways. Gonna go out on a limb and say that’s not the worst burning sensation she’s ever felt around her genitals. Great way to burn the crabs away. Good luck explaining that permanent white pussy, too. But she and other gems of evolution are somewhat of an inspiration to all of us. Think about it. Natter how shitty your day is, you can almost always put a smile on your face and say, well, at least my taint wasn’t lit on fire today. Roll more tape.