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As Much As I Respect This Old Fat Dude "Catching A Fish" With His Bare Hands, It Is The Fakest Of Fake Videos

So this video is going viral on the internet and has been sent to me a bunch of times and as much as I want to believe it, because let’s face it, catching a fish barehanded is definitely something I want/will do at some point in my life, it’s fake. It’s 100% fake. Not fake as in that’s a CGI fish, fake as in he clearly has a trout for a dick. He trout dicked us, oldest trick in the book. He took a live trout and put it where his old dick should have been. I don’t care if his wife slows down the video to an absolute crawl in her new iMovie program. I see what happened, and anyone with half a brain does as well. The internet got trout dicked, Barstool didn’t. Period.



All this guy had to do was flash his sweet rat tail and he’d have himself a viral video. Called upstaging the star. That’d be like benching Michael Jordan for Scott Burrell. And yes in that analogy MJ is a rat tail. It worked in my head so I’m going with it.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 8.26.27 AM