Of Course A Fan Punched A Wrestler During Monday Night Raw In Philly

Now I haven’t been a wrestling guy since around The Ultimate Warrior super sauce days. Just one of those things I grew out of when I got interested in, you know, real hobbies and girls (BURN!). But I knew people who went last night and hated the show they saw WWE dish out. Even our little marmot Nathan said it was one of the worst Raws he’s seen years. But OF COURSE a fan sucker punching a professional wrestler just happened to happen in Philly. Of course. It’s almost poetic. I mean, that’s what happens when you show up with an inferior product in front of drunken fans who are tired watching teams shit themselves live every damn sports season. Somebody may try to get their money’s worth for once. So, whatever. You can add it to the list, America.

Also, I’m not condoning violence, but if a fan ever assaults a professional on the field of play then that athlete has every right to beat them back to the Stone Age. ESPECIALLY if you’re a Pro Wrestler. That’s a total pussy move by Braun Strowman for playing tattle-tell instead of suplexing that drunk dick to hell. If anything it would’ve saved the show. Grow a set and pull a Tie Domie next time, Braun. At least we’ll respect you.