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Clayton Kershaw Takes Selfies With Pretty Hot Girl Who Crashed Into The Back Of His Car

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Apparently this happened a few days ago, but it’s just making the rounds today. Clayton Kershaw got rear-ended by this girl, who was visiting Arizona for a spring training trip. Kershaw was really cool about it, when most people would’ve been ripshit. He got out of his car to take pictures with the two girls, even though he playfully gave one of them shit for wearing an Angels shirt.

Welp…. I guess that’s one way to end our spring training vacation … But if you’re going to get in a car accident… Get in an accident with Clayton Kershaw. We are Banged and bruised, but ultimately alright. Thank you Kershaw for being so nice, Arizona highway patrol for dropping us off and Kahl/Guydos family for taking care of us!!

Love this bro checking in to make sure that his fantasy team is going to be all good this year.

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Is Kershaw okay??? Yeah. PHEW! Thank GOD… By the way, I guess I’m concerned for your wellbeing, too.

Kershaw’s married, so he probably didn’t get this girl’s number, but hey girl hey.

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