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Identical Twins Vow To Get Pregnant At The Same Time With The Boyfriend That They Share - Daily Mail

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SMHIdentical twins who share everything including a bed and their boyfriend have vowed they will try to fall pregnant at the same time as well. For Anna and Lucy Decinque, 31, double or nothing is the rule. The Perth twins have spent almost  $250,000 on cosmetic surgery and enhancements, including lip fillers and breast implants, to look more alike.  They have been dating electrical mechanic Ben Byrne, 32, for four years and have told SBS current affairs program Insight that they must have children at the same time, because their bodies “must be the same”. “If she got pregnant I’d make sure I got pregnant,” one twin has told Insight in an episode that will air next Tuesday. “I’d make sure it happens for our body, like both the same.”

These two are like the Doublemint Twins except they look like Jigsaw from Saw and they are fucking lunatics. Just another example of twins being weird as shit. I dont care who you are, dont care how stable of a background you come from, when you got an identical twin, you just lose your mind a little bit. You have to. You have to go a little bit crazy when you have a clone of yourself living side by side with you. That shit aint natural. Nobody can handle that without becoming a little bit weird.

Now maybe you have a little bit of a self esteem issue because your twin is more popular than you or more successful than you. Or maybe you share a dick and promise to get pregnant at the same time and have half-sibling cousins. It can probably vary with how much it affects you. But twins = weird and thats all there is to it.

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