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Chicago Sun Times Forced To Apologize For "Offensive" Headline After Plane Crash In San Francisco Over The Weekend



(Source) Chicago Sun-Times publisher and Editor-in-chief Jim Kirk issued an apology for their front page headline on the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco over the weekend.

The headline, “Fright 214,” can be seen as an unfortunate attempt at a punny headline. The Asian American Journalists Association, however, called out the Bright One on their attempt at being clever and added the headline also served as another example of “Engrish” in the media. AAJA was offended both by the headline and what they considered to be racist undertones, considering two-thirds of the passengers were Asian.


Well it’s official, we’re just going to complain about everything that ever happens. Like I get that someone could have said oh look that’s Engrish, that’s making fun of Asian people but here’s something else that’s actually frightening, A FUCKING PLANE CRASH. Ever think that was what the Sun Times was going for here? The fact that a plane crashing to the earth is absolutely terrifying? And a perfect word to capture that is “Fright”. Nope, you’re right Asian American Journalists Association, forget common sense, that was racist as fuck. Good rooks guys.