Respect Evander Kane's Twitter Game As He Tried To Pick Up Jen Selter This Morning

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Nothing but a tip of the cap to this kind of Twitter game from Evander. This is the no fuss approach. Some guys (me) will do the harmless, public flirting that leads absolutely nowhere 100% of the time. It’s the internet equivalent of buying a girl drinks all night and chatting her up, but then never actually making the move. Then you have the alphas like Evander Kane who don’t mince words, walk right up to a girl at the bar and say, “Hey, let’s get out of here.” No time for small talk, just hit me on the DM and let’s get nasty.



Can’t blame the guy for one second. You’re alone in a hotel room in Carolina and this ass pops up on your Twitter feed? You shoot your shot. Shoot it every time.



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h/t Curtis