JJ Watt Flew 20 Of His Teammates To His Wisconsin Cabin And Whoa Would You Look At That, It's Also His Birthday Today! So Random!

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J.J. Watt is hosting one giant slumber party. This week, Watt flew more than 20 Houston Texans teammates on a private jet to his spacious cabin that sits on 36 acres near his hometown of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. They eat, they work out, they race each other in what appear to be ATVs.

The attendees included outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney, cornerback Kevin Johnson, receiver Cecil Shorts III, inside linebacker Brian Cushingand punter Shane Lechler. Per Watt’s Snapchat posts, new Titans center Ben Jones is also on the trip and was shown directing an airplane at night while shirtless.



Hey guys, why don’t you all come up to my house and hang out, maybe lift and race some ATVs. Let’s just say March 21st you arrive and you can stay until I don’t know, March 23rd? That work?


Wait, Oh My God, I just realized this. That’s also my birthday!!!


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I’ll tell you what, between JJ Watt loving brunch food, celebrating things like #NationalNapDay, and now throwing himself a huge birthday party, his transformation into a basic bitch is complete. What are the chances he’s calling it “Birthday Week?”. Probably making himself wear a cowboy hat and sash all day. Lemon Drop shots for the guys. Birthday boy, coming through!




JJ Watt on his birthday.






Happy Birthday JJ, hope you have a chance to step back and put everything in perspective today.