This 11-Year-Old Boy Who Stole A Cement Truck And Led Cops On An Hour Long Chase Is About To Be The Coolest Kid In School



YouTube- An 11-year-old boy is behind bars over accusations that he stole a cement truck before leading deputies on a dangerous pursuit. Jeff Vaughn reports.



This is the best thing that’s ever happened to that kid. A win-win-win scenario for him.  First of all, it was probably super fun. Ripping around town in a stolen cement truck sounds awesome. What a rush. Dude was flying too. Second, he’s still at an age where people will laugh something like this off even though he rammed three police cars. It doesn’t matter. He’s 11. If he had done this when he was 15 or 16, people would find it a lot less funny. But he’s 11 and people will still think it’s kind of adorable. Just look at the guy they interviewed in the Under Armour hoodie. He could barely contain his laughter. And lastly, but most importantly, this kid just earned himself a heaping pile of hand jobs or whatever it is 11-year-olds do. Kisses on the cheek maybe? Whatever it is, he just collected himself an endless supply. Because there’s nothing more badass than having a run in with the law at that age. Especially since it sounds like they actually put the kid in jail*. Girls love a bad boy. That is a scientific fact.


*Is it legal to put an 11-year-old kid behind bars? I don’t think it is.