Olivia Wilde Goes Full Frontal Nudity On Vinyl



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Olivia Wilde talking about picking out her bush on Howard Stern:

Daily Mail - She has been focusing on motherhood in recent years after welcoming her son in 2014. But Olivia Wilde is back with a bang after appearing in her most daring project to date. The actress, 32, stunned fans of her racy new drama Vinyl in the US this week as she went completely nude in hedonistic scenes.  Wilde plays former model and Warhol groupie Devon in the 1970s drama and certainly brought the wild era to life as she stripped off to pose for a life drawing. The star showed off her amazing figure in all its glory in the hit new HBO series. However, she wasn’t completely in the buff – the actress has revealed that she was wearing a merkin for the show. Speaking to Howard Stern, she explained: ‘At the point that you meet us it’s 1973. ‘I’m pretty clean… (but I felt) less naked. You’re wearing a little fur bikini… I was walking around to the whole crew going, “Look at this!”‘

Olivia Wilde. The perfect woman. Even when she’s wearing a vagina wig. Loves having sex. Loves being naked. By all accounts seems like a down to earth chick. And for fucks sake she was Jenny Reilly, man.

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Everyone has a Jenny Reilly. She may not look like Olivia Wilde but you’ve got your own Jenny Reilly.

Anyway, Olivia Wilde has been naked plenty of times before. Shes one of those free spirit types which kinda takes away from the nakedness. Best part of seeing a chick naked is that its like a big deal. It aint a big deal for Olivia so then you just feel like you’re looking at some naked pygmies in National Geographic. Except the difference is I definitely do NOT want to have sex with the Nat Geo pygmies and I definitely DO want to have sex with Olivia Wilde.

Shout out to Olivia Wilde for being a such a smoke and shout out to Sudekis for landing her. Score one for the good guys of Hollywood.

PS – Guess I gotta watch Vinyl? Havent watched it at all and by the lack of buzz I’m assuming its not doing too well. But if Olivia Wilde and her lack of buzz are on every night I might have to tune in.