Lebron Refuses To Answer Question About Why He Unfollowed The Cavs Account On Twitter

I love Lebron and his little PR press lackey trying to jump in with the “no comment.” Acting like the reporter is being unprofessional and petty. Hey dickhead, you’re the one who just intentionally unfollowed your own team on twitter. Thats as unprofessional and petty as it gets. Its the biggest chick move of all time. So you dont get to act like a teenage girl and then get angry when you get teenage girl questions. We’re still at the point where your social media behavior and your tweets and IG posts are considered silly and not relevant but the reality is those platforms are where you will always see athletes at their most honest. If you go out of your way and do something or say something curious on Twitter its the same thing as making a dumb comment in public or getting caught on video by TMZ or something. If you dont want to deal with this type of hassle from the media, dont do stupid shit like unfollow your own team.

And certainly have a better answer than a salty “no comment.” I saw some “source” say they said he did it to prepare for the playoffs. I dont really know what that means but you could probably spin that as an acceptable answer and work with it a little more than “no comment.” Tell me you unfollowed the Cavs because they are a lame follow. I hate following actual teams. They are all so cookie cutter and vanilla. Tell me thats why you did it. But get out of here with your eye roll like everyone else is being ridiculous when you started this garbage with a dumb ass move.

PS – MUTE bro. MUTE. I’ve had Portnoy muted for like a year. Nobody knows. No drama. Just mute that shit and you dont have to deal with any fall out of an unfollow.

PPS – Be more of a pussy, reporter. Have some fucking journalistic integrity, bro! This was a public move that seemingly reflects a poor relationship between him and his team. Its a very deliberate move to unfollow someone. Its a valid question. There should be a legitimate answer.