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Daily Mail - March Madness Hangover Edition

You just spent 96 hours watching college basketball. Gambling, drinking, stuffing your face. You look and feel like a bag of shit. But fear not. Daily Mail is here to make you feel better about yourself. Need a pick me up? Need a boost in self esteem? Need a reminder that things could always be worse? You’ve come to the right place! Its Daily Mail! Where every person in the stories on this podcast undoubtedly lives a worse life than you!

Come here 3 times a week to remind yourself that things arent all that bad and that the people from Florida and India and China and shit have it worse than you.

Todays topics:

Dude who had sex in the Las Vegas Ferris Wheel ends up dead, Harlem funeral home holds open casket wake and cremation with the wrong body, Internet named a 300 million dollar boat Boaty McBoatface, dude tries to buy a BMW with food stamps, neighbor invokes Human Rights Act to have 4 year old’s tree house torn down