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This Woman Going On An Insane Screechy Rant On A Bus Has The Worst Ranting Voice Ever


Just the kind of voice and attitude that cuts you to your very bone. Full disclosure I woke up sick as balls at 4am, finally came to enough to write this blog, and then the second I heard this chick’s dying cat shouts about how she’s “not the fucking one” I started coughing and wanting to vomit again. This is the kind of voice that adversely affects your health, probably leads to some internal bleeding and definitely upped my desire to slug an entire bottle of Robitussin in the hopes an angel of death who’s a big fan of purple drank would come and put it all to an end. Maybe it’s all the Daredevil I’ve watched thus far but I’m not ruling out that this is an untapped super power that she really needs a bald telepathic man in a wheelchair to sort out. It’s an impressive showing in the most hateable and most sonically painful of ways.


But at the same time, you have to point out that it worked. Those other girls on the bus definitely wanted to start throwing hands before she went off the handle with the screaming but you could see their collective will being sucked out the more she goes off. Trifling with anyone who has this sort of disregard for basic vocal cadences should be avoided just to be safe. No one wants to fight a crazy person and a chick shouting until her vocal chords are raw and bloodied AFTER taking anger management is the very definition of that.