The "LaRoche Family Recovery" GoFundMe To Help Get Adam And Drake LaRoche Back On Their Feet Is Perfect

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Now there are a couple things going on here. The first is amazing. The fact that someone created this as a joke to “help get the LaRoche family back on their feet” is incredible. Someone took what was maybe the most absurd sports story of the year and openly mocked it in it’s face. It seems ridiculous to read these words until you remember that Adam Eaton actually said a 14 year old was a leader of the clubhouse. And that Chris Sale acted like his own son had died when the LaRoche’s were kicked out of the clubhouse. I wouldn’t be shocked if those guys actually did donate to this GoFundMe.



Which leads me to the sad part. I’m guessing there are a couple of people who donated in earnest and I somehow need to find those people and interview them and ask them what planet they live on. The #FamilyFirst hashtag exists with no sarcasm, at least I don’t think, and that blows my mind.



Like these people are joking.


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These people? Maybe not?



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Which is the scary part of this whole situation. What a fucking story, I still can’t fully grasp that it’s real.