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Remember The Sad Grandpa Who Made Burgers For His Grandkids But They Didn't Show Up? Well Now His Grandkids Are Using Him To Make Money




Dude FUCK these grandkids. Seriously. Biggest assholes on the planet. I’ve seen other news outlets pick up this update on the story like it’s the greatest thing ever. Like we’re just gonna forgive the sins of these grandkids as they compound it with more douchebaggery. “Ohhhhh look at these nice kids. Throwing a giant cookout for their papaw who they abandoned. How sweet. What a great ending to this story.” Uhhhhh no, guys. They’re clearly using papaw for money. It’s painfully obvious. Come buy burgers! Come buy shirts! Come get a picture with papaw! Open invitation! Everyone is welcome! Buy! Buy! Buy! It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous. Nobody better show up to this.  OR if they do, they should go give papaw a hug and then walk out without spending a dime. That’s all papaw wants. All he wanted was for his grandkids to show up and eat a couple of burgers. Not become a sideshow they can make money off of. Again, fuck these grandkids. Let me become papaw’s grandkid and we’ll eat burgers and I promise to never exploit him.


PS- Putting your address on Twitter is a bold move. A very bold move.