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It's Monday But, Hey, At Least You Didn't Get Walloped And Put To Sleep At 30th Street Station

(Skip to 1:40 for a couple of quick right hooks)

Welcome to The City Of Brotherly Love! Yeah, a little pro-tip, it’s probably best to keep to your self waiting for the subway. Even at security filled 30th Street Station you’re not immune to getting your teeth getting knocked into orbit. Running your mouth while carrying a backback full of bricks isn’t too wise, either. And I 100% blame SEPTA for this situation. If a train could arrive more than once every 4 hours then this kid would be saved by the ride rather than taking a nap in a puddle of homeless piss.

Gotta love how nobody even considers checking on the body and just lets that corpse rot on the platform. I figured after a minute or so of no movement somebody would at least check for a pulse.