Wake Up With Eric Gagne's 84 Consecutive Saves Streak

You’re probably never going to see a saves streak like that ever again. Actually, I know that you’re not. The main reason for that is because steroids are banned in baseball now, but also because Gagne’s streak is so far separated from what any other reliever has ever been able to accomplish. Only two other men have ever had save streaks of 50 games or more — Jose Valverde (51) and Tom Gordon (54). So, as you can see, Gagne’s save streak is in a whole different stratosphere. Look at it this way — Mariano Rivera’s longest save streak was 36 games. The gap between Gagne’s record and the second best saves streak of all-time is 30 games. Over his 84-game saves streak, Gagne struck out 139 batters in 87.2 innings, allowing just 8 earned runs, which comes out to be a 0.82 ERA for his streak that spanned three different seasons. The bulk of the saves streak (55 saves in 2003) earned him the 2003 Cy Young award, and a sixth place National League MVP finish.

PS – If you didn’t have Eric Gagne on your team when you played MVP ’05, then you’re an idiot.