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Here Are A Couple Fan Views Of Northern Iowa's Buzzer Beater Against Texas



A couple of these trickling in from last night. People who were at the game and got to witness the unbelievable shot in person. Still such an awesome shot. God bless the dude who decided to take a Vine while all of that was happening. Timed it perfectly. How he didn’t throw his phone straight up in the air outta disbelief after the shot dropped is a mystery for the ages. Great stuff.  That slow motion one gave me chills on chills on chills.


This part right here


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 1.29.53 PM



An ENTIRE arena full of people not knowing what’s about to happen. Texas fans and UNI fans united wondering if the game is gonna end right here or if it’s headed to OT.  Just staring up at a ball.  Fucking dope.  What a shot. What a night.