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We Had A Goalie Goal In The WHL Last Night

Goalie goals have been happening a little more frequently as the years go by but it’s pretty much the same thing as whenever anybody pulls off the Michigan move anymore at this point. It’s still awesome every time it happens and last night Stuart Skinner put the finishing touches on the Lethbridge Hurricanes 9-3 win over Medicine Hat with this 200-ft snipe. Now the only knock I have on this is the goal call. Plenty of players in the WHL eventually make it up to the NHL. So just as the WHL is a major junior league where players go to develop their skills enough to make the jump up to the big leagues, the same goes for the announcers. And while I can appreciate the pure elation coming from the play-by-play crew, you have to be better than this. You can’t sound like a maid of honor trying to work her way through the tears while giving her wedding toast. You may only get the chance to call one goalie goal in your entire broadcasting career. You better damn well make the best of it.

Speaking of scoring in the WHL, let’s take a quick peak at the defensive scoring leaders so far this season…


Oh. Well would you look at that. Ivan Provorov leading the league and Travis Sanheim also in the top 5 despite both of them playing the least about of games. It’s almost as if the Flyers actually have the most stacked defensive prospect pool in the league right now.

And before we end for the day, we make our way on over to the OHL where Mitch Marner continues to do Mitch Marner things.

Such a cheeky little bastard. Could have easily roofed that one on his own, decided to add insult to injury and drop it back for his boy Christian Dvorak. Dvorak has 121 points on the season and Mitch Marner has 116 which is good enough for #2 and #3 in the league respectively. Can’t imagine they’ll be staying in London after this season is over. And I definitely can’t wait to watch the Flyers vs Toronto in the ECF 2-3 years from now.