Kris Bryant Pranks Community College Team Into Thinking He's A Sophomore Transfer From Europe

A lot can change in one postseason run. You can’t pull that shit anymore, Kris. You’re a superstar now. Last year, the Cubs Kris Bryant pulled off a prank by tricking Chicago commuters that he was a Lyft driver, and this was actually in September, a good five and a half months into the major league season. When that video was recorded, Bryant was already well on his way to becoming the National League Rookie of the Year. The driver prank video dropped on September 18. By that point, Bryant was hitting .274 with 24 homers, 93 RBIs, and had already participated in the Home Run Derby and got an at-bat in the All Star Game. It seems as though the Cubs’ postseason run, in which Bryant homered once and drove in five runs, finally got him some street cred, because the bros over at Mesa Community College knew who he was almost right away. If Bryant wants to continue his prank videos, he’s going to have to go the Bobby Valentine mustache disguise route next time.