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Miami Police Are Looking For A Patriots Player In Connection With The Tray Walker Crash




“Cops looking for a Patriots player in connection with Tray Walker crash” is a pretty ominous report, but the cops specified that they’re looking to interview him as a witness. Other outlets are saying that Walker was riding “with friends” so, gun to my head, I’d guess they’re looking for Rashaan Melvin, who spent the early part of last season in the Ravens secondary with Walker. I have no clue if that’s true or not, but it makes sense. Very odd move by whoever it was though and definitely a little suspect. I’m by no means saying the Patriots player had anything to do with it, because the accident with an SUV which was being driven by a woman. But still, I know if I was riding bikes with my buddy and he crashed, I’d definitely stop. Call me weird, but I’d pull over and see how he’s doing and check if I can help in any way. I probably couldn’t help, but I certainly wouldn’t speed off and leave the cops looking for me for 12 hours if everything was on the up and up.



One thing we do know is it’s not Aaron Dobson, who people had suspected because he was SnapChatting that he was in Miami and Miami is a notoriously small town, so two athletes were definitely hanging out together.






PS – Patriots fans need to relax. I understand we’ve been hurt before, so it’s instinct to lash out at every report. But people are going at this Liane Morejon gal like every report concerning a Patriot is a made-up non-story. Leaving the scene of an accident where your friend is fighting for his life is definitely weird. Whoever it is may have a perfectly good excuse, but it’s weird.