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Madonna Pulls Down A Chick's Top On Stage

Page Six – Madonna found yet another shocking way to express herself on stage — by pulling down a concertgoer’s top and exposing her breast to a sold-out crowd on Thursday. The 57-year-old pop diva was performing in Brisbane, Australia when she plucked the woman out of the audience during her “Rebel Hearts” show and started showering her with complements,according to the Daily Mail. “She’s the kind of girl that you just want to slap on the ass and pul l…,’ Madonna told her fans, as she yanked down the woman’s corset-style top. “Oh s–t … Oh sorry, sexual harassment,” joked the “Material Girl.” “You can do the same to me if you like.” The incident comes just one day after Madonna showed up at another “Rebel Hearts” concert more than two hours late — and a week after she appeared to have an on-stage meltdown about her ex-husband Guy Ritchie and their 15-year-old son, Rocco.

First of all Madonna is completely right. That does look like the type of chick that I wanna slap that ass. I mean when I see pretty girls like that I wanna pull their boobs out too but I have conformed to societies “standards” and “laws.” I dont wanna walk around assaulting chicks. But thats me. I’m not Madonna. Madonna aint just some regular old slouch. If Madonna wants to pull out a titty, thats what shes gonna do. That girl probably doesnt even care. A) They’re in Australia and they always have their tits out, and B) If you’re a diehard Madonna fan you’re probably thrilled at the idea of that old broad grabbing your tits. I’m sure feminists are gonna go NUTS over this one but I dont think Madonna or her fans care. They’re just on some other level where normal rules dont apply.

Also the reason I blogged this is because I’m officially alerting people to the imminent Madonna melt down. Its coming. She’s about to lose it. Shes had a few incidents in the past few weeks and we are entering Stages 1 and 2 of Crazy. She’s going through a custody battle and shes been showing up drunk at concerts dressed like a clown and shit. Now she’s pulling out titties. Its real weird stuff. Just be on the lookout. You’re about to see some shit from Madonna.