Tray Walker Was In A Serious Motorcycle Crash And Is Fighting For His Life

NYDN - Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tray Walker is in critical condition after a motorbike accident in Miami on Thursday night, according to multiple reports. Walker, 23, was involved in a “serious motorbike accident” in northwest Miami-Dade county, according to the TV station NBCMiami, and was taken to Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma Center. “This is devastating news. Our prayers and hopes are with Tray and his family tonight,” coach John Harbaugh said in the statement.

Devastating news. Rapoport and others are reporting that he’s fighting for his life after sustaining serious head injuries after colliding with an SUV. I’m not sure what to say other than we all hope he pulls through. You never want to see anyone be involved in this type of accident, nevermind one of your own guys. I know I’m supposed to write words, but I don’t know what else to say. This is saddening, awful news and I hope young Tray wins this fight.

And this is being added not to stir shit up but because it’s important, so leave your bullshit at the door.

CBS Boston – Baltimore Ravens cornerback Tray Walker is in critical condition after police say he was involved in a dirt bike crash in Miami. There is a report a player from the New England Patriots may have seen it. Walker’s sister Shalonda Martin said her brother was “riding with his friends,” but when asked if one of them was an NFL player, she told CBS Miami, “That, I have no idea.” There has been no comment yet from Miami police, the Patriots, or the NFL on the ABC Miami report.

More details will come out today, but right now let’s just hope Tray can pull through. But it goes without saying if someone, anyone at all, left the scene, just wow.