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The Trooper Thomas Clardy Fund Has Surpassed $30,000

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Huge thanks to Stoolies as we’ve topped $30,000 for Trooper Clardy’s family. It’s something I’ve said so often that I almost get sick of it, but it still needs to be repeated constantly because no one else on the internet gives Stoolies love: when the chips are down, there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner. NO ONE. Just a bunch of people who like to have fun, crack jokes, and step up for each other when it’s needed. It’s the perfect locker room community and nobody’s better than you guys.



Little note: the original shirts had the Mass State Trooper logo on them, these obviously don’t. Apparently we aren’t allowed to use that logo so we switched it up to the badge and these are the ones that are going to be shipped out. Can’t imagine that will affect anyone’s purchase but that’s the explanation.



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