Iowa State Thumps Iona And Jameel Mckay Showcases Some Sweet Dance Moves


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Real talk, how much does Fred Hoiberg wish he was still coaching at Iowa State? He’s gotta be kicking himself every time he sees the Cyclones play.  Sure, NBA money is great and fulfilling a lifelong dream is honorable but deep down in parts of his mind that he’ll never share with anyone else, he wishes he would’ve stayed in Ames. He went from being a big fish in a small pond to a little fish in a big pond. He was BELOVED in these parts. Cyclone fans called him The Mayor for fuck sakes. He was the young, successful, good looking son who came home to coach his alma mater. Now he’s just an NBA coach who doesn’t know how to talk to his players so he splices clips of Animal House into his film sessions. Not to mention he left with a sour taste in his mouth after getting upset by UAB in the first round. Ragrets.  On the flip side, how great is it being Steve Prohm.  “Here sir, would you like to drive this Ferrari?” This Iowa State team isn’t as good as last year’s team but holy shit what a situation to walk into for Prohm. He just got his first NCAA tournament win over Iona and it’s all good.  Moving on up!


PS- I’m rooting for all Iowa teams in the tournament until the Hawkeyes lose. Once that happens I will turn into the bitter fan who wishes nothing but failure on other local teams.