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Quick Update On The Trooper Thomas Clardy Fund: We've Raised 17k Thus Far








Once again Stoolies stepping up big, as I knew you guys would. Stoolies are loathsome, offensive brutes but always step up when it’s time and I love you guys for that.



For those who missed this morning’s post, Trooper Clardy was killed on the Pike yesterday when a driver swerved across three lanes and slammed into the back of his Explorer. Clardy, a Marine vet, leaves behind six children, four daughters and two sons, aged 4-17. I can’t imagine what the Clardys are going through right now, but let’s help out in any way we can. $17k in a little over six hours is amazing, but it’s also just what the Stoolies do, we weaponize social media. If you’ve got the means, grab a tshirt and help out a fallen hero who protected both our country and lost his life on the job for Massachusetts.