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You Have To Appreciate The Hustle Of This Junkie Looking For Someone To Pee In A Bottle For Him So He Can Get Aussie Welfare


Listen I don’t think there’s anyone out there not on welfare who’s going to claim to be a fan of welfare and seeing someone commit welfare fraud (or in this case Australian Centrelink fraud) is a million times worse. But in this guy’s case, I don’t mind it. Because, in some way, he’s still working hard out there. Maybe he spent the last few months high off his gourd and is living off the government teat with no positive contribution to the world…but at least he tries. Going out there, trying to convince strangers with hopefully clean lives to pee in a bottle, maybe it’s not a respectable living, but it is work. And that’s more than you can say for a significant portion of the people receiving welfare around the world. Work in a little less drugs or at least mix in a water here and there, redirect that effort into something positive, boom we’ve got ourselves a contributing member of society. There’s hope.


Plus if we’re being honest this dude is way too handsome to be thrown away with the rest of the worthless junkies. Hard working, decent shape with some Aaron Paul looks like that…if that sexy felon dude can get work when he gets out of prison, I’d like to think someone can ween this dude off the pipe and exploit him for riches when he goes viral too.


Also why is it that drug addicts all have that big shouting cry like this? Is there a correlation between drug abuse and how hilariously you cry?



And by “all,” I mean those two guys but that seems like enough to point out a trend.