Apparently Hackers Are Now Looking To Hack Sex Toys


Daily Mail- It’s not just computers and mobile phones that are vulnerable to cyber attack.  With more devices connected to the internet, cyber thieves could control anything from medical equipment to industrial machinery – and even sex toys.  In a recent press conference, software firm Trend Micro demonstrated how a large, neon-pink vibrator could be switched on remotely by typing out a few lines of code.  While the stunt provoked sheepish giggles, the message was sobering. 

As the number of smart, interactive devices connected to the internet explodes, concern is mounting about the lack of safeguards and a lack of consumer and employee awareness.  ‘If I hack a vibrator it’s just fun,’ Raimund Genes, Chief Technology Officer at Tokyo-listed Trend Micro, said at the CeBIT technology fair in Hanover.  ‘But if I can get to the back-end, I can blackmail the manufacturer,’ he added, referring to the programming system behind a device’s interface.  But it’s not just turning a vibrator on that’s a concern. As sex toys get smarter, experts say hackers can record video, which could be easily accessed.   Joe Bursell of Pen Test partners last year decided to investigate the market, which has dozens of products already available and in development.  ‘Apparently ‘cyberdildonics’ are set to be the next big thing in sex toys, allowing you to share ‘sensations’ across the internet,’ he said. 


Is nothing sacred anymore?  What kind of a barbarian do you have to be if you hack some random person masturbating in their room?  That’s like declaring war on Switzerland.  Just attacking some innocents because you want to watch the world burn.  Having to do more than locking the door and turning the volume down is an attack on everything the Constitution stands for.  We are apparently about to embark on a glorious technological revolution in porn and these no good tricksters will keep us going the old fashion route.  I mean jerking off into a fleshlight or whatever still seems completely crazy to an OG like me.  I’m unplugged like Neo in The Matrix movies.  But these cyberterrorists don’t care about me.  They are looking to attack my kids and great grandkids.  And God knows what kind of shit will go on in a place like Japan.  Straight up horror stories.

Also, clickbait doesn’t even begin to describe the New York Post’s headline for this story.  Anyone that has cracked one out this week (99% of the city/world) probably clicked on that story instantly.



Also, the phrase “cyberdildonics” will make me laugh 100 times out of 100.