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The Royals Hosted The Hardo Convention To Pump Them Up For 2016

I guess JJ Watt was busy that day. When you’re the Royals, you shouldn’t really need any extra motivation than what you’ve already got. For one, you’re the defending World Series champions. I’m sure they’d like to keep it that way. And two, you’ve got all these computer projections saying that they’re going to finish in last place. The Royals pay attention to that kind of stuff, and it was a motivating factor going into 2015, so they’ll have that going for them again this year.

But then they went the extra mile and brought in motivational speaker, Donnie Moore and Harry Hardo to put elbows through concrete blocks, rip phonebooks and license plates in half, bend metal bars with their teeth, blow up rubber water bottles until they explode, snap wooden bats over their knees, and break a cinderblock with a sledgehammer over their third base coach’s gut. Without a doubt, the single greatest display of hardoism ever recorded in human history. Just one hardo display after another. They were absolutely relentless. Honestly, I’m just glad that Ned Yost was able to break those concrete blocks, because that would’ve been one hell of an omen if he just broke his hand instead.

Plus, if you’re going to hire a motivational speaker, you’ve gotta go Matt Foley every time. Every. Single. Time.