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How Is This 'Always Sunny' Themed St. Patrick's Day Party Going Down In A London Bar And Not In The States?


Uproxx – If you’re in London, you may want to check out the Four Quarters. The retro arcade-themed bar is hosting a post-St. Patrick’s Day (or St. Paddy’s Day) tribute to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.Entertainment includes ocular pat downs, a flip cup tournament, “Nightman karaoke,” six-hour marathon of episodes, and an It’s Always Sunny quiz, the winners of which get to play Chardee MacDennis.

Wine in a Can – £4.50
Whoors Light – £4 (our own house lager)
Coors Light Bottles – £3.50
“Boggs Bucket” – 6 bottles in a bucket for £18
“Riot Punch” – £5
“Fight Milk” – £5

Milk Steak with a side of Jelly Beans – £8
Rum Ham – £8
Grilled Charlie – £5
Mac’s Mac & Cheese £5
Spaghetti in a ziplock bag – £5

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? It’s borderline crime that a variation of this isn’t going on in Philadelphia. And it’s outright blasphemy we’re letting the Redcoats steal our pride of Paddy’s Pub. I’d rather have those Always Sunny in Russia knockoff fuckers attempt to recreate the magic because at least we’d know the drunken deaths will damper the mood. London has the opportunity to upshine Philly and the states, and I for one don’t like it one bit. ESPECIALLY since they’ll be having Rum Ham on the menu. That delicacy is reserved for only the finest of South Jersey vacationing degenerates.