Badass Footage Shows Inmates Escaping Prison Via A Helicopter Like An Action Movie

CBC- A video showing a helicopter escape of two inmates in 2013 from a detention centre in St-Jérôme, Que., was unveiled today during the trial of Hells Angels sympathizer Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau. Hudon-Barbeau, 38, is accused of participating in a series of unrelated crimes in the province’s Laurentians region in the fall of 2012 relating to a drug turf war. He pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. Hudon-Barbeau made headlines in March 2013 after he and Danny Provençal escaped from a Saint-Jérôme detention centre after two accomplices hijacked a helicopter and forced its pilot to fly to the jail. Hudon-Barbeau and Provençal climbed up a rope into the waiting chopper. The video shows the men climbing up the rope to get onto the roof, where a helicopter was waiting. Two accomplices, who were armed, were aboard the aircraft.



Dope. As. Fuck. I guess this happened back in 2013 and it’s just now being released because it was presented as evidence during a trial. That’s insane. How how how do you hold onto a video like that for 2+ years and not leak it? Evidence laws smevidence laws. Nobody cares about those. All we care about is seeing awesome footage and that’s exactly what that is. Leak that shit! YouTube views about to blow up for whoever posted that. So rarely do we see criminal activity like the shit we see in the movies. We’re so spoiled that way. Like, we’ve all seen The Rock. Great movie but nothing like The Rock ever happens in real life. No harrowing last second escapes, no do-or-die moments, no nothing. Well now we finally have something. Two inmates hanging under a getaway helicopter as they escape prison. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about, world. More of that. And to think this has existed for over two years and we’re just now seeing it. Shameful shit.


Some pretty hairy moments in that video by the way. I didn’t know if they were gonna make it. “OH SHIT we can’t pull the guy up on top of the building.  Screw it. Let’s just take off.” My balls were in my throat I was so nervous.