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Hey Steph Curry, There's A New Sheriff In Town. And He's A 7'3" Latvian Unicorn Draining Your Tunnel Shot

Lots of 7’3″ rookies have that kind of touch, right? Anything Curry can do, Porzingis can do better. Steph wants to drain locker room tunnel shots, Godzingis will do that in his shower sandals. Well that’s about the only thing that the both have done, but I’m sure we just need to give Porzingis time to become a giant Steph Curry, right? That should be easy. Steph can rule like Avon Barksdale for now. But just know that this dude is gunning for the crown like a young, tall, lanky, white Marlo.


The thing that really pisses me off about tomorrow’s game is that the Lakers already took the “shitty team from a big market that sneaks up and beats the Warriors” corner. If that didn’t happen, the Knicks may have had a chance tomorrow. Sure the Warriors remain on pace to be better than the 95-96 Bulls and don’t plan on losing a game at home this season. But the whole Lakers thing is the real reason the Knicks have their work cut out for them. Yeah, that’s it.