All The Barstool Bloggers Will Be On FanClash.Com Tonight So Come Steal Our Money

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FanClash is back tonight with the ultimate text of sports knowledge: Barstool bloggers. It’s like “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” except with stupider people. We’ve got NCAA, NFL and MLB brackets so pretty much whatever your expertise is, there’s something for you. It’s a mere 2 bucks and you’ve got a change to win some big prizes, up to 500 bucks. So go to, sign up, study up, and get rich.



Blogger Line Up


NCAA Basketball 2015/2016 Review from 7-8pm – Dave, Trent, Keith
NFL 2015 Review from 8-9pm – Dan, Hank, Smitty
MLB 2015 Review from 9-10pm – Kevin, John, Nate

It costs 2 dollars to play and the prizes are big:


1st $500

2nd $100

3rd $50

4-10 $25

11-50 $10

51-100 $5