March Madness Friday At Saloon Features Open Bar Packages Running For 15 Straight Hours



Whats the only thing better than 12 hours of college hoops? How about open bar deals that run for all 12 hours? As a matter of fact, theres 15 hours of open bar packages at Saloon this Friday. From 12 noon to 3am. Heres how it works:

$30 initially for a a 3 hour open bar. So 12-3, 1-4, 2-5 etc etc. Depending on when you can get out of work or what games you want to watch, you decide when the 3 hour all you can drink clock begins. After that, its $10 per hour to extend it. Once you’ve bought that 30 dollar package, youre eligible to tack on additional hours – as many as you’d like/as many before you get kicked out for being shitfaced – for just 10 bucks an hour.

I tried to casually slip it by my wife the other day saying I was going to Saloon on Friday and she said last time I went we almost got divorced. So that gives you an idea of what kind of day it is. Cant divorce me now! You need help raising that kid! GOTCHA, Sucker!

Important: You must email with your name and when you’ll be arriving to get on the list for the open bar.

Saloon is on 84th and York. See you all there.