I'm Pretty Disappointed In FX For No DNA Being Discovered On The Knife That Was Found At OJ's House

TMZ- LAPD detectives hit a dead end with the knife that was buried on O.J. Simpson’s Rockingham estate … TMZ has learned. Sources familiar with the situation tell us, the DNA testing produced no matches. We’re told the microbes in the soil degraded any DNA to the point it was impossible to get a meaningful result. We’re also told there was no hair or other sample that produced a lead. TMZ broke the story … a construction worker found the buck knife with a 5″ blade buried on the perimeter of the property and gave it to a retired LAPD cop who was doing traffic control for a movie shoot. The cop took it home and put it in his tool box for more than a dozen years. The LAPD has not announced the results, but we’re told the investigation is over. Fact is … it’s impossible to know for sure if this was the murder knife, but it is interesting it appears to have been buried long enough to degrade any DNA.


Yo, what the fuck DNA testers? How do you not find anything on that knife? Or better yet, FX how did you not hire an independent DNA tester to find something on that knife?  Everything has broken a little too right for this show.  All of Hollywood sucking its dick despite being more of a “fun to watch” show than a “good show” (except for Mrs. Coach.  She’s great).

But a knife being found at O.J.’s house 12 years after the murders in the middle of a 10-episode miniseries is more than just luck.  Cuba Gooding Jr. is doing his job of keeping the show in people’s minds by sucking on cell phones and being linked to butt play.  Would it be too much for FX to recruit that motherfucker Mike Nifong and his DNA flunkie from the Duke lacrosse case and make up some nonsensical report at least until the show ends in a few weeks?  That’s what separates cable channels from network TV.  If you don’t think bodies are buried in the desert over old TGIF lineups or Must See TV shows, you are nieve as fuck and probably think O.J. didn’t do it.  Start acting like a big boy channel FX and FOX.  Or play Kiss From A Rose in every episode from here on out.  Either works for me to be honest.