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Phil Hughes Threw The Best Bachelor Watch Party

Phil Hughes and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. I didn’t enjoy some of his pitching in The Bronx and he didn’t enjoy my criticism so I spent the last few years blocked. But last week Phil let me back into his life and he immediately showed me what I’ve been missing by live tweeting The Bachelor finale while simultaneously throwing a taco party.

Now before you say “who cares that a guy made tacos?” lets be clear that this was a full taco bar with different types of meats and all the fixins.

Hughes even went so far, that he made Kimchi for Byung-Ho Park. Apparently it was to die for.

Anyway, that’s enough about the tacos. Phil also provided great commentary thought the finale that shows even through years in the Bronx and millions of dollars, he just like us. Mortified at the stupidity that they put on TV.

He starts off as excited as the rest of us. Just hoping to see a huge accident, like people who go to Nascar.

Then quickly turns against the most hateable person in America, if you’re a person with any bit of personality.

Anyone who mixes tacos and a hatred of Ben Higgins is ok in my book so thanks for the entertainment Phil. Oh and the 2009 World Series. Mostly thanks for that.

PS: Hughes is also a Stoolie and A-Rod lover so all is forgiven about the past.