Jonny Gomes Is Already The Babe Ruth Of Japan

Look at these chumps trying to sneak JV curveballs by Jonny Gomes. You think he came to Japan because he couldn’t get a major league deal in America? No. He came to Japan, because he needed a new challenge after he got bored of winning the World Series single-handedly every friggin’ year, and it looks like he’ll be on the move again pretty soon if all Japan has to offer is this weak ass shit that he’s just going to crush into outer space every time. By the way, if you’re surprised by this, then I strongly advise you to keep your astonishment to yourself, because nobody will respect your baseball knowledge after admitting that you didn’t think this was exactly what was going to happen. What did you think was going to happen when Jonny Gomes packed his bags for Japan? That he wasn’t going to set the all-time home run record in one season? Please.

Really, though. No wonder why Wily Mo Pena is never coming back to the MLB. If you were a professional baseball player who could hit the shit out of the ball, but making contact in America wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for you, but there was a place you could go to murder baseballs and still get paid just as good as in the MLB, and also treated like a god to an entire country, why wouldn’t you go? Wily Mo Pena is basically the Hank Aaron of Japan.

The reactions are priceless, too. Giving up a bomb like that to Wily Mo in front of a crowd like that must feel like getting your shorts ripped down in gym class, and you just have to stand there and take the embarrassment while he rounds the bases and everyone just shakes their head and watches.




So jealous of Japanese baseball fans who get to see their Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron playing at the same time.