Soldier's Deaf Dog Greets Her As She Comes Back From Basic Training So Cue The Waterworks



What’s my rule? That’s right. Any video that scares me, grosses me out, makes me wanna puke, makes me feel emotions or all of the above at once, I share with you. That’s the way it goes. We’re in this together. Doesn’t matter if it’s an octopus viciously drowning a a seagull or a dog lovingly greeting her owner as she returns from basic training. This one obviously made me feel emotions. Lots of them. Damn emotions. I was all set to glide through this Monday without feeling them then out came an almost-deaf dog reuniting with her pal after three long months. People say this all the time but we’re not worthy of dogs. We really aren’t. It’s also not fair that we go on and live our lives as we get older and the dog is just chilling at our childhood home. Kinda feel like we all should be contractually obligated to take them everywhere we go and the outside world should just be okay with that. But of course they’re always waiting for us to come back. For as long as they’re able. That dog was happy AF to see her again. You the real MVP, almost-deaf golden retriever.