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Jose Bautista Vs. Phillie Phanatic, Who Ya Got?

See, this is the type of shit that Goose Gossage was talking about. Here, we have notorious disgrace to the game of baseball, Jose Bautista, up to his old tricks of having fun and being likable. Personally, I think it’s disgusting. Back in Goose’s day, they used to stab mascots before the game. Now you’ve got Bautista out here having a friendly exercise competition with the Phillie Phanatic. Listen, we’re never going to get back to the old style of baseball where nobody smiled and players refrained from showing any personality whatsoever if we keep allowing unwritten rule offenders like Jose Bautista to do whatever they god damn please. It can’t continue to happen, and I’m glad that sensible people like Goose Gossage are speaking out about it.


Whatever happened to just going nose to nose with a mascot you had a beef with? Now we just settle our differences with friendly exercise competitions that end with a handshake? The game is going downhill, and it’s because of people like Jose Bautista.

Bautista also homered over the weekend. It looks like the completely rational thoughts of Goose Gossage finally got through to the Blue Jays slugger, because he didn’t flip his bat, and I don’t even think he smiled once. That’s old school baseball right there. We need more of that, and less of what Bautista is known for.