I Found My Wife And She Is Shotgunning Beers At Notre Dame Lacrosse Games

That right there is what we like to call a Down Ass Bitch. Plenty of girls always like to talk a big game about how they can “out drink any of the guys”. Then when push comes to shove, they’re getting Becky to hold their hair in the bathroom while they puke after only a few shots of Three Olives Dude. But this girl right here? Well she doesn’t just talk about it, she is about it. The boys come back from being down 7-2 in the 4th quarter to tying the game at 7-7? Time to shotgun a Bud Heavy. Not for Snapchat, not for Instagram likes, not for anything besides the fact that she’s just down for the boys and that’s how she lives her life. The way she just tosses the can aside at the end goes to show that this isn’t even close to her first rodeo. Intimidatingly sexy as fuck.

As for the game itself, well the #1 v #2 match up in the country did not disappoint. It took a while to start to get really exciting. Denver was DOMINATING for the first 3 quarters of play. They’re as efficient with the ball offensively as any team maybe ever. But you had to expect that Notre Dame wasn’t just going to give up when being down 7-2 early in the 4th quarter. They ended up tying the game at 7-7, took the lead and ended up heading into overtime tied 8-8. Denver finally finished the job in OT courtesy of Zach Miller and we have a new #1 team in the nation now. Not sure how anybody could have watched that 4th quarter and overtime yesterday and still not like the sport of lacrosse.