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Hey Coach Cal How Do You Feel About The 4 Seed?


Get emmmmmmm Cal.

Get emmmmmmm

“I mean, come on, A&M got a three seed. Did we not play a basketball game today? I’m happy for A&M. They got a 3, I said what in the world, are we going to get a 3 or a 2?”

“Look, at the end of the day, they’re not stealing my joy, that little group of 10 who says this year it’s top-50 wins. Well, last year it was road wins, two years ago it was RPI. It’s a moving target. Instead of making it this is how we’re gonna rate these teams. They’re not stealing my joy. We just won a championship.”

“Just look over the years. It is what it is. Again, we don’t have basketball people in that group. The criteria, I argued with them. What is the criteria? You ready? Every member has his own criteria. What? So, is it top-50 wins? Is it road wins? Is it strength of schedule? Is it team efficiency, which should play a part in this. That means you understand basketball. We’re the No. 1 team offensively efficiency-wise in the country.”

“I knew people would say how in the world did they have A&M a 3 and Kentucky a 4 when they just played a game. Now, that means it was picked before our game. My argument with our commissioner: why are we playing this tournament on a Sunday? It makes no…it doesn’t help. It’s like they already picked their thing before we played.”

“I say it again: the greatest thing, you gotta play the games. I do know seed matters, most years. I’m hoping this year it doesn’t matter as much because there’s so much parity. Most years, the higher your seed, the better chance you have of winning. I’ve said that historically. That’s why you can’t just go mis-seed teams. You gotta be serious about it. You gotta be thoughtful about it. You can’t have emotions, who you like, don’t.”

Pretty fair points. I’d rank Kentucky getting the 4 as the second biggest surprise of Selection Sunday, right behind MSU not getting the 1. But it’s happened every year before this, and it will happen every year after. Teams will get snubbed and teams will get seeds that nobody really understands, and the committee will catch heat, and we’ll debate the bubble teams, then we’ll watch the games, pack up our stuff and do it all again next March.

Other weird things that happened:

Syracuse getting in….seriously?

Monmouth with the #1 overall snub…wins over Notre Dame and USC (ever heard of them? check the bracket, they’re in there), road wins over Georgetown and UCLA, a 27-7 record. Guess the committee hated their bench mob.

The Bonnies winning a share of the A-10, sweeping St. Joes and beating Dayton on the road, then not getting in.

Other than that I’m cool with it. Oregon getting the last 1 seed then getting by far the easiest road to the Final Four was curious, but not a major sticking point IMO.

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