That Guy From The Chapelle Show Threw Down And Got Tossed Over An Unpaid Tab At Little Pete's In Philly

TMZ – ‘Chappelle Show’ star Donnell Rawlings was furiously fist-swinging during an unresolved dispute over an unpaid restaurant tab … and it was caught on video.

Hey – I remember that guy from that thing! The nonchalant “That’s Ashy Larry” says it all. Glad to see he’s doing well for himself walking out on that $8.49 “Tap” from a late night omelette at Little Pete’s. Maybe Dave shouldn’t have ran off to Africa and left his friends without work. OK, maybe he just was going for a smoke since he left his bag inside, but that doesn’t excuse him for throwing haymakers. The dude crowhopped from left field with that attempted punch. Totally justifyable for the cooks to come out and play while Big Bertha defends her diner. And I’d gladly take getting sauced over the curb than going face to face with that woman. You don’t mess with an Italian Philly mama and expect to make it out alive.

Obligatory “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” reference. That show was too damn good.