The NCAA Brackets Being Leaked During The 2 Hour CBS Special Was One of the Most Satisfying Events Of My Life


I’m not joking when I say that when the NCAA brackets were leaked an hour into the 2 hour selection show I cummed myself a little bit. It was honestly one of the highlights of my miserable life. That’s how excited I was. It just felt like a real victory for the little guy. Finally a big fuck you to TV executives who constantly fuck everything up and never have to answer for it. Whether it be ESPN putting the college bowls on New Years Eve and refusing to admit they fucked up. Whether it be greedy AD’s and conferences blowing up the Big East tournament. It’s just one slap in the face to fans after another. And now CBS tries to make their selection show 2 hours long. JUST DON’T FUCKING TOUCH IT! Sometimes things are perfect as they are. That’s why it was so great to see the brackets leaked right in their face. Felt like Kevin Malone when he got his parking spot back. It’s just nice to win one.