We're At The "Fred Hoiberg Is Trying To Make The Team Laugh" Level Of Desperation In This Bulls Season

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Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when this went down. Can’t imagine Derrick Rose’s face when a movie that came out a decade before he was born was spliced into film study of some terrible game in the past month. So so desperate. Fred just sitting in his office, thinking about how to relate to his team, how to keep it light and fun, how to seem relaxed. I know, how about a movie that is 30 years old! Always works. Probably going to play some Hotel California during practice today. Hippest team in the world. Thank God for the Blackhawks.





Bulls set up nicely to make some noise.


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No seriously, Scottie told me. Always be wary of that team that can make some noise. Always.


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