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Linda Hogan Looks AWFUL, Is Trying To Insert Herself Into The Spotlight, Claims Hulk Gave False Testimony

Yo Linda Hogan, I cannot take you seriously when your lips wrap around your entire head like that! I just can’t. I know there are words coming out of her mouth, but all I can think about is how nothing she says can be true because of what her face looks like. Rule number 1, never trust a 56 year old broad who is composed of so much plastic she would melt in the sun. Plus, that thing she did when she closed her eyes while saying “I never cheated on him”…yeah, okay, in your bra.

But the worst thing is her acting like the victim here. It’s hilarious. I’m not saying Hulk probably wasn’t shitty himself- he was a professional wrestler, on the road 200+ days a year, and never met a needle he didn’t fall in love with. But Linda coming out of the clouds saying “I don’t know where I fit in in the world” like she was doing something important before all of this is hilarious. Like what are you talking about bitch, you divorced him. He was secretly filmed having sex, not you.

That letter is laughable too. They got divorced in 2009 and all of a sudden she’s talking about it? Okayyyyy. Weird timing, don’t you think? I feel bad for people who can’t see right through her bullshit.

It’s just classic chick who needs attention coming out of nowhere to get a quick paycheck. We’ve seen it once, twice, a million times. She’ll continue to to an attention whore and get plastic surgeries like they’re going out of style, and Hogan will hopefully collect 100 million dollars and not give her a penny.

PS: Their son made his best friend a vegetable and then made fun of him. Fuck that guy. Somehow the daughter is normal one in this family.

PS: The Hogan trial has been a big snoozer today. Legitimately not one thing of note to discuss.