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I Want RG3 To The Jets So Bad


There are 4 teams that I can’t root for RG3 if he’s on. The three other teams in the NFC East, and the New York Jets because there is very little on this here god’s green Earth that would make me happier than watching KFC’s head explode into a million pieces having to cover and blog about RG3 on a day to day basis. It drove me to the brink of the crazy house, and I don’t have half of the hate in my heart for bullshit that Kevin has. And RG3+ the New York media will be phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.

Now, I will give RG3 credit where credit is due, he didn’t cause any issues after being demoted to 3rd string and sitting on the bench all season. But if he’s thrown back into a starter’s role in New York? Forget about it. A tiger can never completely change his stripes.

Live look at me watching RG3 deal with the New York media:



So at first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to root for RG3 and for him to have a chance at a prosperous career….or if I wanted him to go to the Jets so I can watch KFC lose his mind as we reach peak Jets. I hate to root against a guy like this, but I want him to go to the Jets so badly now. Sometimes you just want to watch the world burn.

PS: What if RG3 on the Jets is like the big bang and it starts a new chapter for the Jets? Like two crazy balls of insanity smashing together causes something beautiful? Is it possible? That’s the only way this works out for them.